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TitleLast Modified
CVE-2013-4312 - Kernel may allow an attacker to consume all file descriptors. 2019-08-12
CVE-2014-3673: The SCTP implementation in the Linux kernel through 3.17.2 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (system crash) via a malformed ASCONF chunk 2019-08-12
OpenSSL 1.0.2n has several vulnerabilities. 2019-08-08
CPython (aka Python) up to 2.7.13 is vulnerable to an integer overflow in the PyString_DecodeEscape function in stringobject.c, resulting in heap-based buffer overflow (and possible arbitrary code execution). 2019-06-24
Appliance allows an authenticated user to display any arbitrary file. 2019-06-24
OpenSSL before 1.0.2n has vulnerabilities CVE-2017-3737 and CVE-2017-3738 as described at 2019-06-21
CVE-2017-8817, CVE-2017-8816: Upgrade curl to 7.57.0. 2019-06-21
CVE-2018-1000005: libcurl contains an out bounds read in code handling HTTP/2 trailers. 2019-06-21
NTP before 4.2.8p11 has security vulnerabilities described at 2019-06-21
CVE-2017-7494: Samba version 3.5.0 and later are vulnerable to remote code execution vulnerability. 2019-05-15
CVE-2017-7805: A use-after-free flaw was found in the TLS 1.2 implementation in the NSS library when client authentication was used. 2019-05-15
CVE_2017-1000101: curl supports "globbing" of URLs, in which a user can pass a numerical range to have the tool iterate over those numbers to do a sequence of transfers. 2019-05-15
CVE-2017-13089, CVE-2017-13090: Upgrade wget to 1.19.2. 2019-05-15
Heimdal prior to version 7.4 allows remote attackers to impersonate services with Orpheus' Lyre attacks because it obtains service-principal names in a way that violates the Kerberos 5 protocol specification. 2019-04-17
CVE-2013-4312 - Kernel may allow an attacker to consume all file descriptors. 2019-03-21
CVE-2017-10989: The getNodeSize function in ext/rtree/rtree.c in SQLite through 3.19.3, as used in GDAL and other products, mishandles undersized RTree blobs in a crafted database, leading to a heap-based buffer over-read. 2019-01-25
CVE-2018-6927: Integer overflow in futex.c:futux_requeue can lead to denial of service or unspecified impact. 2019-01-11
CVE-2018-5333: kernel: Null pointer dereference in rds_atomic_free_op() allows denial of service. 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-12190: Memory leak when merging small consecutive buffers in SCSI I/O vectors. 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-18079: Race condition leading to denial of service or possible arbitrary code execution. 2019-01-11
CVE-2018-5332: kernel: rds_message_alloc_sgs() function doesn't validate value used during DMA page allocation, causing heap out-of-bounds write. 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-1000253: kernel: load_elf_ binary() does not take account of the need to allocate sufficient space for the entire binary. 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-16533: Local denial of service vulnerability. 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-1000111: Linux kernel packet_set_ring() race condition lets local users obtain root privileges. 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-1000407: Linux kernel >= 2.6.32 DoS by flooding diagnostic port 0x80 (Intel x86). 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-15274: Local denial of service vulnerability. 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-16531: Local denial of service vulnerability. 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-16526: Invalid pointer dereference results in DOS by local user. 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-16994: kernel:mm/pagewalk.c:walk_hugetlb_range function mishandles holes in hugetlb ranges causing information leak. 2019-01-11
CVE-2017-12192: kernel: NULL pointer dereference due to KEYCTL_READ on negative key. 2019-01-11
CVE-2010-5328: Potential DOS attack within the Linux kernel. 2019-01-10
Performing a port scan with Nessus against a SteelFusion Edge triggers a false alarm suggesting there is a problem with Edge HA connectivity, even though the two nodes remain connected. 2018-12-13
OpenSSH before 7.4 has security vulnerabilities: CVE-2016-10009, CVE-2016-10010, CVE-2016-10011, and CVE-2016-10012. 2018-11-28
CVE-2017-9077: kernel: net: tcp_v6_syn_recv_sock function mishandles inheritance. 2018-11-12
CVE-2017-16939 : The XFRM dump policy implementation allowed local users to gain privileges or cause a denial of service 2018-10-08
CVE-2013-2094 : Linux kernel before 3.8.9 incorrect integer data type local privilege escalation 2018-10-08
The nginx proxy server has a security vulnerability CVE-2016-4450: NULL pointer de-reference while writing to client request body. 2018-09-03
CVE-2017-18203: Race condition in drivers/md/dm.c:dm_get_from_kobject() allows local users to cause a denial of service. 2018-08-23
CVE-2017-9242: Potential local user denial of service attack. 2018-08-15
CVE-2017-0605: Linux kernel trace privilege elevation. 2018-08-15