I have a defective product that has an expired contract, but is covered under Riverbed warranty. How do I request an RMA?



Submitting an RMA is always the last resort. If you haven't reviewed KB S31510, it may get you back online quicker than an RMA.

Customers and Partners with valid support accounts may initiate a warranty RMA from the Submit a Case form. If the product identifier that they enter does not have a valid support contract but has a valid warranty, they will be redirected to the warranty RMA form to proceed with their Warranty RMA. Customers with “warranty access” may initiate an RMA from the support site by completing the Submit a Warranty form. Read KB S32235 to learn more about warranty access.

Warranty RMA form

Successful completion of the warranty RMA form will depend on the following conditions and criteria or the form may not be submitted:

  • The Serial Number does not have a valid support contract. If the Serial Number has a valid support contract, these users will be redirected to submit a case instead to follow the normal RMA process.
  • The warranty of the device must not be expired. If the warranty has expired the user will not be allowed to continue with the Warranty form submittal.
  • The access point or serialized accessory must not have already been replaced or decommissioned. If a Warranty RMA has already been created for a Serial.

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