The SCC is managing over 200 devices and has High CPU utilization with frequent High CPU alarms being triggered


Please upgrade the SCC to version 9.2.2. If the High CPU alarms are still getting triggered then upgrade to SCC 9.5.0 or newer

SCC 9.2.2 introduced a fix for Bug 260221 which was known to cause High CPU with SCC's managing a large number of appliances

SCC 9.5.0 and up made a large number of improvements to memory and cpu usage when managing a large number of appliances. SCC 9.5.0 or newer has an improved multithread statistical retrieval system and an enhanced appliance filter for managing up to 1500 appliances which helps with memory and CPU utilization


SCC 9.0.X - 9.5.X
High CPU
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Last Modified: 2017-03-24
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