Path Selection Outbound DSCP marking not being enforced

Categories: SteelHead CX (Appliance), SteelHead (Appliance), SteelHead EX (Appliance)
Solution Number: S30305


A path selection rule to set the Outbound DSCP value on traffic that is path selected does not work


In order for the Outbound DSCP value to be set by a Path Selection rule, the QoS marking feature must be enabled on the SteelHead. The Path Selection Outbound DSCP value will over ride any QOS marking being done by the SteelHead

Please ensure that the QoS marking feature is enabled on the SteelHead. This can be done from the Networking > Network Services > Quality of Service page on the SteelHead Management Console


RiOS 9.X - 9.5.X
Path Selection Outbound DSCP
DSCP Marking
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Last Modified: 2017-03-24
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