Virtual SteelHead (VCX) hardware requirements

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What are the minimum hardware requirements e.g. CPU, memory and disk space needed to run Virtual SteelHeads (VCX)?


The CLI command: <show perf-test tests> shows the supported VCX models based on the virtual machine hardware.
Model IOPS Min Disk Size (SegStore) Max Disk Size (SegStore) CPU Cores Memory Disk Size (Management)
VCX255U 96 12GB 50GB 1 2GB 38G
VCX255L 96 12GB 50GB 1 2GB 38G
VCX255M 96 12GB 50GB 1 2GB 38G
VCX255H 96 12GB 50GB 1 2GB 38G
VCX555L 96 12GB 80GB 1 2GB 38G
VCX555M 96 12GB 80GB 1 2GB 38G
VCX555H 160 12GB 80GB 1 2GB 38G
VCX755L 160 12GB 102GB 2 2GB 38G
VCX755M 160 12GB 102GB 2 2GB 38G
VCX755H 320 12GB 150GB 2 4GB 38G
VCX1555L 800 12GB 400GB 4 8GB 38G
VCX1555M 800 12GB 400GB 4 8GB 38G
VCX1555H 1600 12GB 400GB 4 8GB 38G
VCX5055M 3200 162GB 8x80GB 12 16GB 82G
VCX5055H 3200 162GB 8x80GB 12 16GB 82G
VCX7055L 4000 338GB 10x160GB 16 32GB 178G
VCX7055M 6000 338GB 14x160GB 24 48GB 178G

The platform families are independent. You cannot upgrade a xx50 model to a xx55 model. The xx55 virtual models require RiOS v8.0 or later. The data store size per model allocates extra disk space to accommodate hypervisor overhead. As of v9.0, the size of the management disk for new open virtualization appliance (OVA) deployments for the VCX models is 38 GB. Older models like that upgrade still use a 50 GB management disk. For example, RIOS 8.0.1 in VCX555M still needs 50GB of management disk.

Flexible RiOS Data Store
As of RiOS v9.0, the flexible data store feature for VCX models supports a smaller data store size, down to a minimum 12 GB. To change the disk size of a running SteelHead-v, you must first power off the VM. From the Settings section, you can expand or remove the RiOS data store (second) disk, and replace it with a smaller disk. (Reducing the disk size will not work.) Modifying the disk size causes the RiOS data store to automatically clear. If you provide a disk larger than the configured RiOS data store for the model, the entire disk is partitioned but only the allotted amount for the model is used. Memory and CPU requirements are a hard requirement for a model to run. Flexible RiOS data store is not supported for the older Vxx50 models.

Multiple RiOS Data Stores
As of RiOS v8.6, SteelHead-v models VCX5055, and VCX7055 support up to 14 RiOS data stores using FTS. Riverbed recommends that all RiOS data stores on an appliance are the same size. To add additional data stores, you must power off the VM.


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