Difference between Steelhead EX and CX models

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Older Steelhead models end with 50, like 250 or 2050.  These are also known as the 50-series Steelheads, or just xx50.

The EX model represents new type of Steelhead architecture and is essentially a Steelhead which also runs a hypervisor, on which customers can run 3rd party virtual machines.  These can also be referred to as the "60 series", or xx60 models.

The next generation 50-series became the xx55 series are now differentiated by CX (e.g. CX5055). These are also referred to as the "Classic Steelhead".  

Note: It is fairly common to leave out the CX or EX when discussing a Steelhead model, such as referring to it as a 1555 rather than a CX1555.

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Last Modified: 2014-12-29
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